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We need wise words, words of wisdom, words of inspiration, motivation in our daily routine. We live in a world where negativity is far more than positivity and in order to conquer such situations we need daily doze of such words to keep us uplifted, to keep us focussed and to keep us moving towards our dream.

Hear out Oprah Winfry as she talks about her inspiration and how she turned her life around and how you can do so, how she focussed on her dream and believed on herself, she says that you become what you believe you are here for. Such a great piece of work, I will recommend you listening to Oprah everyday if you want inspiration.

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1. Just do right

2. Be couregous

3. love

4. laugh

5. be a blessing to somebody

6. Turn struggles into triumphs

7. You are talented

8. Learn to say NO

9. Always do your best

10. Keep rising



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We should try to go through these words of wisdom like daily, I have written these and any good quote or a words of wisdom i find or anyone tells me, I write it down, some of the quotes are even written on my walls, in my kitchen so that I can go through them as I work, as I eat, as I learn, I keep them with me because we need them every second. 


1. Understand the next right move.

2. Seize the opportunity

3. Everyone makes mistakes

4. Work on yourself

5. Run in a race as harder as you can

6. Believe

If you read these words of successful people, you will see that they were too like you, even they made mistakes. If you think you made hundreds of mistakes when you were a teenager, you are not alone. when you see that you are not alone in the mishaps of life, you feel motivated, uplifted and you try to make it better, improve yourself and conquer your shortcomings.


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I can fill this blog with the best quotes ever.. just keep on reading and if you wish you can also note down or even safe for future refrence. I will strongly recommend that you keep reading these quotes every single day, you will surely feel the difference. Words have power!!! see the power in these words...


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You need to try first, leave your comfort zone... How can you even think that you cannot accomplish anything without trying? Failure is just a beginning... you fail, you try it another way, fail again try something new. Keep on trying until you win! its just like you are drowning and you try every single technique, you flap your hands and feet in every single way you can, just to get out of water, same is the case with life, you need to try every way in order to succeed and you will, all you need to do is NEVER GIVE UP!


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Whatever you do, do it daily, everyday, there is no break, no time outs and no quiting. Fear is something that can be conquered easily, its all in the head, you need to take control of your brain and control your emotions. once you learn how to do that, you will reach the dangerously awesome level of freedom.


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Don't wait for anyone to do something for you and don't ever wait for circumstances to become favorable. You need to make time and place favourable for you, i know it sounds a little creepy but I did it, and many people like me do it everyday. You need to make your way to your destination. 


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Improve yourself daily, try to do something new daily, something that will make you a little better than yesterday. You need to find your inspiration, watch videos, read inspirational blogs and quotes where you can find powerful words, new quotes everyday. You will feel change in your mood, in your willpower, in your decision making ability, everything will change as you improve yourself and the best way to improve yourself little by little is by reading daily quotes from the world's best inspirational perople.


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There is no end to learning... you need to keep on going.. one step at a time but keep on learning.. keep on improving yourself and keep changing the world to become a better place. Words are powerful, use them!


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