With Your Hate I Will Die

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At one fine night a boy and a cute girl were coming back from movie . The guy learned that there was some miss understanding due to the silence with pain they did share between them on that cold night. The girl told the guy to hang over due to her wish to talk to him now. She told him that she does not have feelings for him like before and it is time move on .

There was tear in boy's eye and he did give a folded note to the girl.
Suddenly the driver as he was drunk met an accident and the boy killed on the spot.And surprisingly girl remained safe.She recall the note given by that boy.She just pulled out that note from her pocket and started reading the same.
"With your hate , I will die" And that girl screamed reading this with deep pain

source: http://www.bubblews.com/news/8177274-with-your-hate-i-will-die