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There is a variety of thoughts regarding womans position & status in the society.
Islam however appears to give woman many rights according to the shariah & the qur'an, the social reality is quite often very different. Islamic laws & culture have a great impact on the various stages of a muslim woman's life including her education, work, rights, marriage.

In islam there is no difference between a man & a woman. They both recieve the same reward/ punishments for all their actions..
However unfortunatly our society likes to differenciate between man & woman for e.g...... according to our beloved prophet muhammad (sws) there is no reason why a woman should not be allowed to go to a mosque.

However, as islam spread it became more & more unusual for woman to enter the mosque for whatever reasons.

A woman is recognised in islam as a full & equal partner of man who is also able to go out & work aswell as fulfill her homely duties. There are more than 1 religions on this earth that gives a woman such a high status. These days there are to many mis understandings about the rights of woman. In some parts of the world the woman is not treated as even a human. She is treated & thought to be of very very low quality.
Some unfortunate females have to undergo such terrible physical/ mental attrocities, especially if she has given birth to a female.


I think people seem to forget that this world us growing only because of a woman, & this woman is known by the name of a " mother" whom god has given such a high status to...........

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