Women and Some Societies

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Well, actually women are always nice creature. The biggest problem with women is the society which always puts the women under microscope i wonder why !!

Woman is a human may get some mistakes like men exactly.

I've noticed such a problem exactly in Arab and Muslim societies, When the Islam always gives women every right to live as a human.

Let me tell you that the real problems with the society are Customs and Traditions

Customs and traditions that make the woman a House-wife - a house prisoner - a cow "man has sex with "

"You can't shout at me" .... Hell no

Women can shout - can be mad - can punish -  can learn - can be strong human can live like men , cause originally they are human being.

Women Understand in Politics.

Women understand in technology.

women can start Business.

Women have a Multi-tasking genes can cook , care about kids and finish some business stuff on the phone in the same time. 

Women Don't speak much and if there are some... i have to tell you that there are many of my male friends speak much as well. Women can drive also. women can teach.

Women understand in sports and can practice.



Written By Aly Elsom

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