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Education has changed the lives of women drastically. Education helped them to open their minds to a wider sense. We all know that there is no limit to education. Every woman has the right to be educated. In our age still there are many women who are not fortunate enough to educate themselves. However, there are many organisations that work for women education. Women education is very important these days. It is needed so that women can stand on their own feet and not have to depend on anyone else. Throughout history till date there has been someone or the other who have helped in women education.

Such one woman was Edith Abbott. She was a social reformer, an author and Administrator and educator. She belonged from a family of social reformers and therefore since birth she was aware of all the human rights. This helped her fight throughout her life for a better position of the women in the society. She helped immensely when it came to women education. She knew the need of education in a woman’s life and how much it would help her. Her undying efforts gave her success as she was herself and educator. She was a fortunate woman to help educate others. Her example is still used as a beacon of hope for women independence.

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