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Why do we need women empowerment?

When a +Woman is educated, she helps many around her. When we give a woman the strength to stand on her own, she also helps others - well in most cases.

+Women who are too bad off have been seen by me in parts of our country. The women I saw were not clean, were not clothed in clean dress, were not even eating a wholesome healthy meal. I was appalled by their condition. They are not even given proper education also. Then how can a nation like ours boast of development when the women are treated just like second class citizens.

I hope all citizens stop regarding women and girl +Children as nothing more than servant class. All girl children should be educated and also given proper nourishment. Only where +Women are respected, gods will be present. I do find many men are abused too by many overpowering matriarchal ladies. So, respect is mutual. One should give and take respect. Give respect first. Lord +Krishna has said that we should not yearn for the fruits of our action. When we do, we lose the right to escape from the chain of karma.

+Good action - own the rights and you are bound by a gold chain but it is a chain nevertheless

+Bad action - whether or not you bother about rights - you are bound by cold, hard iron+Chains

so, leave the result to God and do your duty with righteousness

+Respect and love will free you from the cycle of birth and death, from illnesses both mental and physical

+Doubt is what prevents you from attaining success. Never doubt anyone. Never doubt yourself.

Bitlanders is doing a great job empowering women and I am proud to be a part of this movement.

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