Women empowerment through Women’s annex and Filmannex

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      In the recent years Afghanistan people could broke the figurative borders of this world and made their selves more international via social media networks.

      In the nearly years Afghans specially men showed more interest in social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin  and many more social media networks .People could use from  these very much , also Afghans measured the distances and changed this big world to a small village .

      At the moment a large number of the people can connect to all over the world via internet .First people started from written messages, then voice messages and now we can connect to another on by multimedia services.


     Unfortunately there was no enough attention for the women; even this society had forgotten women and their rights and needs. Women had a small world of their own, They could not went out of their homes without permission of a male, On the other hand there was no safe and sound places that women could use internet and could connect to the figurative world and the people of other places in the world .Also women did not have any income that could spend on the using of internet.

     Luckily at the present time we have a lot of facilities, Men and women can connect their selves via small modem to the global and social media networks, But yes their so two more problems for the women, First how to use internet and second How to have income through internet, But Women’s annex and Film annex fortunately found out a great solution for these problems.

     Women’s annex and Film annex with many years of their experience in many countries specially in Afghanistan has to many activities .The activities of Women’s annex and Film annex is in the field of betterment of women’s economy and How to have income and How to connect their selves to the figurative world and make their self international and break the borders.

      I have to say that still women’s annex have covered 10 girls schools in Heart province of Afghanistan by making computer laboratories, network connection and teaching them how to use internet and computer.

      It is mentionable that Film annex could attract a large number of university pupils in Kabul and Heart Branch because of subscribing them in to Film annex. Via this site (Film annex) a large number of girls are getting money against their blogs that they write.

      At the end I can say that with Film annex and Women’s annex women can earn money even they work from any where they want even their homes.

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