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Freedom belongs to every human being. Not one person is bound to lead a lifestyle as dictated by someone else. But we often forget that it applies for women also. This is the reason why we consider women to be weak in nature. If only women prove themselves to be powerful then they will not have to depend on what others are deciding about their life. Only powerful will be able to do so but the number of powerful women is not many. All we have to do now is to look for ways to increase this number even more because gone were the days were women was only a liability and not a human being to the family and their society.

This woman has proved herself by her work. She is Archana Hingorani, the CEO of IL&FS investment managers. She has been associated with this group for more than 16 years and with each step of success she has worked for the betterment of the company. She is extremely educated with a graduation in Economics, then MBA and a PHD in Corporate Finance from the University of Pittsburgh. She works with a team of 40 professionals of investment field. She is very powerful and has always been dedicated in her work. This is what is inspiring about her.

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