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Women empowerment is highly discussed these days. This discussion takes place for two reasons and that would be if a woman is extremely successful in life and is powerful as well and the other would be if a woman is tortured and dominated. Now the question arises as to why will there be reasons for women empowerment as one of the reason is mere injustice to women. This is why it is very important for women to establish themselves so that they can stand on their own feet and not depend on anyone else. A powerful woman has a different personality which cannot be easily dominated.

In the business world one of the most powerful women is Vinita Bali, the Managing Director at the Britannia Industries. However, she held the position of head of business strategy and managing principal at the Group’s Atlanta Location. She left it to be the CEO of the very famous Indian Food Company which is the Britannia Industries and now she is appointed as the managing Director. She had founded The Britannia Nutrition Foundation for mal nutrition children and for such she won the award for Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Bali was listed by the Forbes to be one of the Asia’s most powerful women. Women should learn from her dedication to be powerful.

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