Women Politicians play a vital role in our sub- continent!!

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Political parties are the primaries and the most direct vehicles through which a government can be heard. Political parties gain when women not only practically in the electronically and the governing process, but also influence themselves abound to reach the voices of millions of women that need to be heard.

The topic in regards to women welfare, empowerment, education to be deliberated in the midriff of the parliament for the policies to be passed and actions to be taken in.   The best is women themselves pitching and discussion about issues related in the house.

Indian women had hit it big in the political arena be it the elegant Jayalalitha or the flamboyant Sushma Swaraj or the fascinating Mayawati or the mesmerizing Mamata Bannerjee. The Pakistani counterpart like the glamorous Hina Rubani, the gorgeous Maryam Namaz or enchanting Ayla Malik holds a special position in the political circuit of the country.

The women politicians focus on a lot of issues in a broader aspect be it giving women an incentive, providing women with the foundations of knowledge and education with which they are able to better combat inequality based upon gender.

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