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          Women right in the Pakistan is the big question often raised in the west it is a believed that women have no right in the male dominated society of Pakistan. Women have right in Pakistani society or not we would first of all look at structure of the Pakistani society.

          As we well know that Pakistan is an Islamic state, where people not only take right pride in Islamic value system but a ready to sacrifice for the sanctity of Islam. Islam does not impose any restriction that may hinder the social growth and development of women. We all understand that a woman is an equal and important member of society and women have always played a vital role in building the Pakistani society on healthier and stronger foundation.  

          Women in Pakistan have been constantly complaining of being isolated from the main stream of society. Women feel this disillusioned on being maltreated by a social system which is male dominated.

          However their development in society is hinder due to many factors. For example most of women in rural areas have to bear double burden of domestic and outside work. For instant they are first to rise and last to bed.

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