Women VS Processors

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  The Human mind is a strange organ to study “The fastest computer ever exists “. Its speed and ability to adjust itself and adapt to new and different situations what makes it a magical paradise for scientists and researchers to make their ultimate goal is to discover this paradise.


                Woman’s mind is stronger and faster than man’s mind, that’s why I am comparing the woman’s mind by the computers processors. Man invented these processors so it can handle his day to day operations and make his life easier. But a processor can only solve the problem you gave it with many limitations and with specific kind of problems.Simply this magical device can get stressed out so easily, So Allah created for us Women.

                Women has this ability to gather pieces together and solve a problem with no need to the mathematical logic the processor needs to solve (1+1), A simple kind of processors can solve some mathematical equations, only a complex and strong processor required years and years to develop can lead the curiosity rover towards Mars, only a complex and strong processor can help scientists draw a map of the human brain. Different kinds and forms of processors to help you through your day and help in scientific innovations.






          Woman's mind is so strange; it is controlled by emotions not thoughts, expectations not facts. IN women and only women the heart may take the lead in a decision making process, in fact almost all the time the heart takes the lead and I am not saying this is a defect in women minds, in fact this what makes women desirable and catches the man’s heart so easily. 


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