#WomenEmpowerment and #SustainbleEducation in Central Asia

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Afghanistan is country with thirty millions of population that half of them are women. They tasted the worst and sweet days of life in the country, that the Taliban regime is the worst experience of them. At that time, Afghanistan was as a cage for them that could not go out of their houses and if they go, the Taliban hit them wildly.


 But it is completely different now, besides they could go out of their house, they could pass the great way of improvement to reach to the development of their country.

They believe that a country could improve that all the active youths work together. We could bring some examples that are tycoons of technology. They are as Roya Mahboob, Freshta frough, Elaha Mahboob and so more. They established an office Herat city by name of Citadel Company. The office is operating in social media training in different parts of Afghanistan. IT Class in Amir Ali Shir nawaie is one of the classes which they started. More than sixty students got the necessary trainings and start blogging in Filmannex social media.

They are now studying word Microsoft office. They are now getting information about the different headings and writing about them. By writing in filmannex, they are improving their educational level and think that the youths are the basic principles of the community. If they move, they community will move toward future. It is a great news.  

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Amir Ali Sher Nawaie was established in 1368. At first, it was both a male and female school but in different shifts until 1390. In 1390, it became a female school and students are now studying in three shifts. It has 29 classes, more than 4,000 students and 155 teachers.…

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