Women's Empowerment with #DigitalLiteracy and #SustainableEducation

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Dear Students,

This month is the month of Moharam-ul-Haram (Lunar month) which Muslims respect and celebrate in a special way.

 In the NYC office, our team highlighted the work of Global Medical Relief Fund and Elissa who give a future to injured children. Film Annex and Women’s Annex want to help them achieve even further goals by empowering them with #digitalliteracy and #sustainableeducation.

 Meanwhile, our Italian programming team came to NYC but I didn’t have the chance to meet with Lorenzo and Maurizio who I have been in contact with for almost two years through emails.

 In Kabul, our female football team competed against Kabul University female team. They won 8 to 1, but the goal is to show women’s empowerment through sports so losing or winning was not the important part. We had chance to meet with IT department of Ministry of Education about innovation labs and exchange ideas .

In Herat, with the help of Elaha Mahboob, we successfully showed the talent of our students and their interest in superheroes. The project gave them the chance to write down their ideas and dreams, draw their superhero, and share them with the world. We hope to have those students turn into superheroes and participate in social activities of the country to bring peace and sustainability.

 This week, the best female performer is Arezoo Jawadi  with

The highest BuzzScore. The best male blogger with the highest BuzzScore is Farzad Salehi.

 Once again, I would like to thank you all for your participation and hard work.  

Roya Mahboob

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