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No one can imagine the living without any illness. There is no lifetime guarantee lots of scientific researches has been done for healthy living for long time. Now a day most of the women are now suffering from various diseases and the researcher has examined five problems among the women these are heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression and autoimmune diseases. All these disease pertain great risk among the people and the women could not prevent such illnesses. Among all these disease the heart disease is the common one and mostly affected the women.

Heart disease is the leading killer and is the most harmful disease is now affecting more than 50% of the women above 45 years. This condition is responsible about 29% death issue. Yet the death itself is not t eh huge problem for the women in heart disease, generally the main problem is related to the premature death of the women. There are lots of women due to stress and high blood pressure or increase of the level of cholesterol may leads to this disease. Large numbers of women are dying at the age of 50-60 due to this disease. Most of the women are suffering from the heart disease being out of the breath and are not able to walk for long time, flight upstairs and will hamper their lifestyle and will create great burden to deal with the problems. Some women planted pace maker if their pulse are low usually fainted or fallen on the ground.

The heart disease of the women is under diagnosed and often it is too late to help them to discover the condition to give the proper treatment. The main symptoms of the heart disease will start with chest pain, jaw pain, shoulder ache, nausea, vomiting or shortness of the breathe.

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