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It is a million dollar question what is the place of women in society? This is the modern problem that arises from the partial adoption of western culture. In every walk of life we tried to become modern to compete as it is similar in case of our women. In the following of western culture our women too have demanded Equal rights  with men in every sector of life, and are even trying adopt the fashions of men. Now they are too advanced and want the equal seats in Assemblies, equal number of posts in government service.equal chances of freedom and movement and want even equal rights in domestic life.                                                                                                                                                                                                            The  whole concept of women hood is revolutionized and new ideas are being presented in the name of progress and civilization.But if it is viewed in the light of human psychology this trend in our society is rather one sided. Every liberty bring with it some duties and obligations. By nature both sexes are different and have different field of work. Women has to created with a special bodily frame which the man does not possess. if she to want to performed the work of men ,she is guilty of double crime firstly , she is ignoring her own job and trying to shun her duties as mother, secondly she is try to do the work and job of men which she is not physically fit.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Islam recognizes the equality of both sexes .But this equality is different because the task of bot man and women are not alike. In the west the work of women out side her is totally based on economic consideration.It has no social and moral consideration.If we want to fallow the western culture we should be prepare for the consequences of this choice and i think our society is not ready to face it.                                                          

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