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At first I must tell that what is Women’s Annex and what is its role in our city and for what they are operating? As we all know that our country have passed three decades of war, which all our infrastructure, knowledge, factories, schools, roads and other things became annihilate and destroyed.


By Hamid Karzai’s government gradually some reforms such as opening of Schools and Universities, commerce enhanced and our country became safe. Now, that many people are using the developed technologies, even they can continue their education by using internet, and they can be always in contact with their friends all the time.

However, I must say that the Women’s Annex works must be appreciated and we can count it among the one of achievement for our successes, as we all know Women’s Annex is only a foundation or an investment that by using of this online channel the girls or the Women of Afghanistan who were like prisoner in a jail can tell their stories, opinions, ideas and what they have in their mind for all and they can exchange their comments.

Also Women’s Annex is a base for Afghan girls to learn and get something from today’s technology and they can communicate with different people for their lessons and etc. Today, Women’s Annex pave the way for girls and Women to earn money and have income for their live as well a job. It is a base for girls through which they can share their scientific reservation and show it to others that it is all from blessing of film Annex and Women’s Annex and we ought to appreciate the Women’s Annex and film Annex.

 It’s mentionable that we appreciate Women’s Annex and Film Annex’s services which they have done in Kabul and Herat as well their innovation for facilitating the girls’ school with the internet classrooms so that it will be a great help for their lessons and they can communicate with the people around the world.


Written by : Hekmatullah Aziz







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