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Dear Reader,


In the old circles lips to ear, was the ways it was passed down. I would like to try this in a modern marketing sense...


Operation ask you're local book store if they have the book Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.II

Looking for 100 local  volunteers that go to book stores regularly and simply, ask the clerk, or librarian if they have Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.2

Alchemical whispers please and thank you its my power of word of mouth experiment to pay it forward,

for each copy your simple asking a clerk if they carry my book, is one step closer to getting

Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol. 2 into book stores, and I am told word of mouth,

is the best advertiser I wanted to try Operation 100 people

ask your local.

book store about

alchemical whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.2

Thank You All! Its is a great book.enjoy.



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Hello World,

I have self Published 7 books under the Pen, L.K. Cruz P. and I need help spreading the word.

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