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Word processing software is one of the more
widely used type of application software. Word
processing software, sometimes called a word
processor, allow user to create and manipulate
documents containing mostly text and sometimes
graphic. Million of people use word
processing software every day to develop document
such as letter, memo, report, mailing
label, newsletter, and Web page.
A major advantage of using word processing
software is that users easily can change what they
have written. For example, you can insert, delete,
or rearrange word, sentence, paragraph, or
entire section. Word processing software also has
many feature to make document look professional
and visually appealing. For example, you
can change the shape, size, and color of character;
apply special effect such as three-dimensional
shadow; and organize text in newspaper-style columns.
When using colors,however they print as
black or gray unless you have a color printer.
Most word processing software allow user to
incorporate graphical image, such as digital
photo and clip art, in document. Clip art
is a collection of electronic drawing,
photo, and other image. Word
processing software usually
include public-domain image.
You can find additional
public domain.

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