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Saturday Loom Knitting

     A long time friend of mine has recently been able to turn her spare room into her dream walk-in closet.

     She has asked that I knit her window sashes. They will both be roughly 10 feet long, this one is now four feet. Her colors are navy blue and dark brown; striping on the brown will be lengthwise instead of across as on the navy blue.

     I have a tendency to take on projects that seem to take an eternity. Last year it was a replica Doctor Who scarf for my daughter. I can't pass on a challenge.

     This Saturday I'll be knitting away on the sash, in between housework and grocery shopping. It's the most creative form of stress relief I've found.

    A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away. ~Phyllis McGinley


What is your hobby? How you relieve stress? Leave a comment!



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