Working of Afghan Children

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Some of children in the world especially in Afghanistan as they haven’t been presided and due to other difficulties must do hard labor works which their working  causes them not to attend to the school, these innocent children do not understand the meaning of happiness and are obligated to work and sacrifice them for their families 

Even they cannot enjoy playing with other children and also they have been through lots of problems and psychological difficulties as the result of miss conduct which they have been through, they stay far away from their schools and become illiterate for the rest of their life though they face rather problems in the future of their life.

Often they are about to revenge form the society and this cause them to commit crimes against people and doing subversive actions. 

Some may become addicted to the different kinds of drugs and do whatever is needed such as robbery, burglary and thievery to find the money and buy their needed drugs.

As human being it is our task to do something for them and bring a suitable situation so they could be able to enjoy their childhood and study. 

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Nahid Bikaraan is an adolescent Afghan girl who recently has found a new working place in Kabul. She is a typical afghan girl who is graduated from high school and was seeking to show her talent. She hates to stay home as most of afghan girls have to do, and…

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