Working Out While Having a Period: Safe or Not?

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When in periods, you really just want to lie on your bed with a blanket and watch a good movie. All you feel
is the pain. You don't have any appetite and just feel the lazy days, a very long lazy days. But have you think of working out while having a period? Is it amazing? Is it exciting? Or having worries? Doubts?
How about getting a leak while doing it?
Is it really good for the body or not?
Or just to look how cool you are in front of your friends since you are doing it? Or is it because of its uniqueness in doing it? How about having cramps? Normal or Not?

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Having periods may change your mood easily but it doesn't mean that you will be lazy in your workout schedule or ditch in coming to the gym. Honestly, working out while having a period is a good thing to do especially when you are experiencing too much pain, headaches, and even fatigue. It helps relieve period-related symptoms and annoyingness.

One of my gym buddy named Joie, ask me if working out while having periods is okay to do it. She is confused on what is the effects on it to her body since it was her first day. Since I am not an expert and we cannot ask directly our coaches about it because they were all boys (still got conscious with this topic to open up with them) so I have done my research about it and what I found are the following listed below. But she honestly does the whole workout routines same as the speed and resistance she gave during normal days.


1. Boost your mood. Doing exercise, it may release a chemical called endorphins which trigger to give a positive feeling in the body. In short, it makes you happy and boosts your mood to the extent that all the pain and stress is totally fade away.

2. Avoid being fatigue. Having periods can cause a low-hormone phase and this time, your body feels hot and can cause you to fatigue. If you do your routines, it will lessen.

3. Make you more comfortable. No pain, no fatigue, no headache. What's more?


INVERTED POSES - Yoga is good when have or don't have periods but there is a limit in doing this likewise doing the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and that is doing the inverted poses like the headstands, shoulder stands and etc that is inverted poses possess.  (Note: Try to keep your head off the ground.)


If your body really want a rest, give it a rest. It is okay to take a break. You deserve it too. If you are in pain and you don't want to go for High-Intensity Interval Training, come with your friends and stroll or move your body to let your body blood flow instead of feeling those pains.

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