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A large part of making a film is working with other people. Very rarely will you be able to make film by yourself. There are too many different skills required in making a film and it is very unlikely that one person will have all of these skills mastered. Which is why it is important to connect with other skilled and talented individuals to help make your film the best it can be.

But where do you find the right people for the job? Luckily, more and more artists are putting their work on the internet and demonstrating their individuals talents infront of a worldwide online audience. One of the most common collaborations a film maker will have, is with a musician.

Musicians are now able to make a living online by selling their music, generating advertising revenue from music videos and even getting commissioned work from someone who has heard their music online. Now that more and more musicians are reaching out to audiences online, finding the right song/musician for your film is becoming a lot easier.

Here are a few websites that can help you find the musician you are looking for. Lots of the artists on these sites are up and coming and are looking for exposure so are possibly great people to collaborate with. 


SoundCloud - I have mentioned this website in a previous blog but they are definitely worth a mention here. Lots of variety and some songs are even royalty free so you can use them straight away! -

SoundGlee - More of a drum and bass channel but they are showing new, talented and mostly unheard of artists everyday who would be great collaborations for film makers -

Approaching Nirvana - Two musicians who offer their music out to online video makers as long as you give them a credit. Check out their videos for more information -

Liquicity - A drum and bass youtube channel which has slightly more well known artists, but still a great place to scout for musicians -


If you know of any more artists or websites which have more undiscovered music talent please post in the comment section below! (Hopefully we can get a nice collection of different websites, making it a lot easier for film makers to find great musicians to work with!)


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