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Every member of this society has taken birth from a woman. There is a saying “Behind every successful man there is a woman” and that woman can be his mother, wife, sister even she can be his daughter. Allah has made the man ruler of his house this authority has not been given to man race only in Pakistan rather in each and every country man is supposed to be the leader and head.

 When a man or boy becomes able to earn then his family think that now there life will be full of facilities but this thinking is just related to man not for the woman. When a girl or woman takes a step to support his family then situation is totally different and worst for her a long series of problems has been started. We live in a society which is based on Islamic principles but we have forgotten the teaching of the basic principles of our religion-despite being educated our society is the victim of gender bias and where we do not put full stop to women’s problems.

Whether a woman stays in her house or earns she has to face the problems in every situation. Our society does not allow women that they work right by side the man. She has to face society and as well as all the problems created by society for her.  Employed women are not respected by men. In the Hindu society caste system has been practice for centuries, but the situation is not different in Pakistan. In our society high class working women are highly honored but the women belong to low class has no respect and value. Due to this capable women are afraid of showing their God gifted talent.

Man has to change his mentality and thinking that women are inferior to them, they have to accept the fact that women are also skillful if they can make your houses heaven then they can also work alongside men. God has made women weaker than men not to break their confidence rather she has made weaker so that men provide them their strong shelter by giving respect and honor.

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