Workouts and Weight Control

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The only way to eliminate stored fat to burn . We now know that exercise increases energy expenditure and energy consumption related to both the severity and duration of action. If the period of the investment needed for intense workouts shorter. While we can spend up to 125 calories in a mile race that we all brisk walk or jog at a leisurely pace of two miles and three times the calories without getting exhausted . The concept explains why the proposed action moderate , rather than intense effort to control their weight. The ratio of calories helps to explain why the benefits of getting in better physical condition. Offers a healthy , more action and more control over your weight.

The effects of exercise do not stop when people stop exercising. Over the previous oxygen consumption too - exercise, rest of the amount after the level of training evevation say wear after a long workout calories. increases caloric expenditure remaining after 30 minutes or more strenuous exercise. long effort, the race , oxygen consumption and body temperature , and increase the " use of hormones mobilize energy and increases in the case of metabolism. Termination of exercise, exceeds the calories resting levels during the recovery period . EPOC is often overlooked when the benefits exercise calories table.

Activities Versus Diet

Some people believe that a diet better than exercise for weight control . They point out , correctly , that it is easier to reduce calories Ithaca refuse a piece of cake to burn the cake after dinner , who have more than 110 calories per mile 2 miles on the right . But "this system is the best way to control your weight ? " Considering the question the answer is available in more than 35 years, and the answer is no,

OSCA Holloszy and compared the effect of diet and exercise in body composition laboratory mice. They control the experiment so that the two groups have the same weight . After 18 weeks of caloric old swimming or other , they are an analysis of the body.

The " analysis has shown that the most effective exercise to lose fat In addition, the study convincing evidence the effects of the protein - . Preserved exercise , losing 5 percent protein content of the athletes, while 11 percent of the diet, the amount of water lost to caloric restriction '. 16 percent of the athletes, while 26 percent of the diet. account the loss of water , a phenomenon that occurs in the human diet , fad diets are not , and the rapid success veentual overall goal of fat loss. Control group animals gained weight sedentary freely eat during the test . increase in weight of 87 percent fat and 10 percent water . We can generalize the results of studies from animals to humans ?

The study of 16 obese patients compared to the six- month period, the system is similar to the period of diet and exercise. Access to group exercise to burn fat , exercise and other positive effects , including heart rate , low- aside and improve heart rate recovery after exercise. And then there are 25 women in the deficit of 500 calories per day when diet , exercise or a combination of both , all women are the same amount of weight lost, but the group plans to have lost less fat and more connective tissue continued. The authors , who carried out the study suggested that those interested in losing weight with diet and exercise to unify the greater loss of fat and muscle tissue protection. More recent studies confirm the superiority of 24 overweight women with diet and exercise to reduce body fat and preserve muscle tissue than diet alone .

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