World 1st motor car.

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Friends today I’m going to tell you some interesting information about motor car I hope u really like it.

The 1st motor car of the world was invented by a Garmin Engineer in 1884. His name was Benz.

 That’s engine run with the petrol.

After 2 year another Garmin Engineer ‘Deyliam’  make a new  Petrol Engine . And make a new or fast motor car.

These two great Engineers make a new wonders in Transport system in allover the world.

The invention of making the motor car is started in 1770 in Franc. There a Frances Engineer make Engineer a motor cars that’s the engine works on the principal  of Thermal heat energy. So his car was very heavy or low speeder because the weight of Thermal Engine was very heavy weightily  or big sized.

So there was a need of very fast or low weight Engine.

However a Garmin Engineer ‘Aarah’ make a petrol engine,so the motor cars speed become high and faster.

There was a Law passed in British in 1865 in witch they cannot run there motor car up to the 4 mile/hour. In 1896 these law was ended.

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