World most strong and powerfull animal in the forest

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Tiger is the most strongest animal that lived in the forest. The food of the tiger is meat. They eat the meat of other small animals. Tiger show the sign of the fear. Everyone who see or even only hear the name of tiger becomes so afraid.

Tiger mostly live in the big forests where are the human community were not present. Large number of tigers are present in the forests of South Africa. In Pakistan small amount of tigers are present. In Pakistan, mostly lion were exist in the forest of northern areas. The rate of the presence of tigers are very less in the whole world.

The number of tigers and other wild animals decreasing day by day because due to the cutting of trees on a large scale. The atmosphere were also effect on the amount of tigers. Earthquake and other disasters that comes in last five to ten years also decrease the amount of tigers. Tiger exist in brown color with white spots on the back of it. But sometimes tiger are also exist in black color.

The running speed of tiger is very fast and no other animals can run very fast like tiger. Tiger is also present in the zoo of different countries of the world. Tiger comes in the community then so many people lost their life. Mostly tiger attack on the villages nearby forest. The people who live near the forest have a great danger by the tiger.

When the tiger attack on any near city or village then big loss will be expected. Tigers have the capacity to kill even the elephant. All the animals who live in forest feel the fear to the tiger that's why tiger are called as the king of the forest. The skin of the tiger are very useful.

They use for the manufacturing of leather and other products. The skin of the tiger are mostly used in textile industries. The leather that made by the skin of tiger will be so much expensive and a common person should not afford it. This leather is then used for the preparation of different things like hand bags shoes and so many other things.

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