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ÉCU 2012 is going to be showcasing 101 films from 33 countries all over the world and for NINE of the films this is going to be their WORLD premiere. It is a privilege for us to be able to showcase their films for the first time and see them vie for over twenty awards, including the prestigious “Best European Independent Film 2012” title! It is so exciting to see the incredible films in contention and a real honour to be able to congratulate a talented filmmaker with this award.

This festival offers all filmmakers the chance to represent their films in an independent film festival and show their talent for filmmaking. Featuring a huge range of categories from student films, music videos, short and feature films and even documentaries and animation, this festival caters to EVERYONE and stands as a platform for independent filmmakers to share their creative visions.

So read on below to view the list of films that we are lucky enough to be featuring at our festival in their world debuts.

Bliss Street, Non-European Dramatic Feature (Director: Paul Donovan)

“Blisse Street” follows a Christian Fundamentalist mission in Germany that goes way off the rails. It is also an informed outsider’s view into a hidden side of Berlin. This film portrays a man twisted by his obsession for religion and the web of people he encounters. It presents the dangers of narrow minded beliefs and the consequences that can result addressing them through the themes of trust, religion, dishonesty and faith.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here

Goldfish Love, Student Film (Director: Elin Gronblom)

“Goldfish Love” is about a struggling young musician who buys a goldfish that longs to swim in the open sea and the special friendship that evolves between the two dreamers. It is a heart warming tale that expresses the value of friendship, in any form.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

M Ferma, European Documentary (Director: Rita Broka)

Life treads calmly in this quiet Latvian village. Almost like in a fairytale, with friendly neighbours, a safe environment and a bustling social life. Thadeus, the owner, was once known as an exemplary citizen in the village. Obliging and considerate, he loved both his cow, and little Laura, the granddaughter of his farm-worker. But this love was double-sided. One side was for the eyes of villagers, while the other was hidden behind a locked bedroom door.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

Little King (Director: Socrates Alaofouzous)

Ari is forced to face his secret childhood abuse and the truth triggers events that are beyond his control. This is a moving tale of a young boy who is caught up in unfortunate circumstances.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

Much Better Now, Animation (Directors: Philipp Comarella and Simon Griesser)

In “Much Better Now”, the main character is a bookmark, stuck in a forgotten book, caught in a life marked by standstill in a deserted room. One day wind knocks over the book and blows the bookmark onto the table, separating them. Unfolding hands and feet, the bookmark is swept back into the pages that turn into ocean waves and the two are reunited for a journey. With a surfboard it experiences its environment in a new way – wipe-outs, washouts and nosedives connect the hero to the ocean. The bookmark enjoys the ride of its life. As the book cover closes, the protagonist tries to get back into the book but fails. Light reveals other parts of the room packed with bookshelves and it faces new challenges.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

On the Inside, European Dramatic Feature (Director: Uwe Janson)

What would you do if somebody killed everything – your dignity, your husband and your children? ‘On the Inside’ is a story about justice, guilt and the fragile nature of truth. At its core, it tells about wars and their victims and perpetrators.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

Suspekt, European Dramatic Short (Director: Mark Hendrikx)

In “Suspekt”, a Muslim taxi driver is parked in the middle of a very busy location, in the middle of terror threats, and all people can do is think of the worst. Little do they know that the actual situation, which has unfolded, will make those who saw it all never forget this day. A day that started out for him will possibly end as one of the most poignant, but for all the wrong reasons. Check it out!

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

The Forest is Red, Non-European Dramatic Feature (Director: David Jakubovic)

This surreal, magical and philosophically charged tale examines the life of an outcast as he struggles to blend into a world where everyone searches for their own uniqueness. Check out the teaser!

Tickets can be purchased by clicking, here.

The Runner, European Dramatic Short (Director: Parker Ellerman)

“The Runner” is about a little boy from a township in Cape Town. He needs to find money for his mother’s vital surgery and pays a high price that changes his world. The lead role is played by 10-year old Cwangco Mayekiso who is a native and current resident of the Gugulethu township.

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