World’s Most Amazing Beaches You’ve Probably Never Heard About

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bosta great bernera

Photo Credit: REX/David Wilson

Just about everyone has heard about beautiful beaches like Makena Beach on Maui in Hawaii, and the pristine sands of Bora Bora, but these unspoiled, amazing beaches you’ve probably never heard about are well worth planning a vacation around. Pictured above, while most envision the most perfect stretches of sand to be in the tropics, Scotland is actually home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches like the one at Bosta Great Bernera on the Isle of Lewis.

The Outer Hebrides of Scotland is home to magnificent Luskentyre Beach on the Isle of Harris, pictured below.

Luskentyre Beach


Photo Credit:

Palawan Beach, Philippines

palawan beach

Photo Credit:

Palawan is one of the most spectacular spots in the Philippines, and perhaps even on earth. Its raw, natural setting evokes images of paradise, from its limestone karst islands, hidden lagoons, white-sand beaches and world-class dive sites. Best of all, most of it remains undeveloped. You might want to keep this one a secret so it stays that way for as long as possible.

Petit Tabac, Tobago Cays

petit tobago

Photo Credit:

You’ve probably seen this beach – at least on the big screen. This was the very isle on which Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” was marooned with Elizabeth Swan, played by Kiera Knightly. The tiny, uninhabited island that’s part of Tobago Cays Marine Park can be reached by taking a sailboat charter from Bequia or St. Vincent in the West Indies.

Ned’s Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia

lord howe island

Photo Credit:

neds beach

Photo Credit: infinitelegroom

Looking like a picture-perfect postcard from French Polynesia that got accidentally slipped into a pile of Australian photos, this magnificent island is typically met with “never heard of it,” but this six-square-mile island is home to endless unspoiled serenity and idyllic beaches like Ned’s Beach. Located in the north-east region of the island, you can walk across the golden sands into sparkling, clear and calm waters to hand feed fish where you’ll be instantly be surrounded by a feeding frenzy of mullet, wrasse, garfish, silver-drummer, spangled-emperor and King Fish.

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