World's rarest animal was found after 20 years

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The generation of the teddy bear in the world, there are only 2 thousand animals. Photo: File

Tian Shan, China: soft hair full of beautiful animal was first seen in 1983 and is now one of the great effort and the picture is taken. First of all animals in the Tian Shan mountains of China's ethnic seen and rabbits, the animals prefer to live on the hills whose name is pyka Illinois.

Earlier, in 2002 and 2003, a Chinese and an American expert, Eli pyka 37-day search of twelve different areas but found no trace. I took last winter uayydung the animal was seen again in 1983, visited the place and luckily finding pyka Illinois and he made this image. So far, only 2.000 animals of this species exist in the world.

9 thousand to 13 thousand 450 animals from 200 feet likes allowed. Their habitat, environment and climate issue is very sensitive and is spent on the mountain grasses and herbs. As the weather has been a turning Illinois pyka are more high mountains.

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