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Hi guys!


I love fruits and i want to share a detailed information about my favorite fruit, the sweetest fruit known ...


Yup!  Mango 

In my childhood days, I and my cousins used to pick up mangoes from the orchard in my neighbour. Sometimes gardner saw us and punished but those days are full of fun ,I never forget them.Now I am in a mood to write about mango..

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1:  Mango - The Sweetest fruit known on the earth 

People  prefer to eat mango not because of its health benefits but because of its yummy taste.It is the sweetest fruit known on earth.The reason is that it contains too much fructose--a type of sugar but Be alert! if you are a diabetic patient , you must  not eat it as it increases your blood sugar level.


2: Mango - National fruit of 3 countries

Though it is grown in many parts of the world ,three countries selected it as national fruit .The names are:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Philippines
  3. India

 In India,harvest and sale of mangoes is during March - to - May where as in Pakistan   harvest and sale is during April - to - July.. Not confirmed about Philippines.

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3 : Mango - The only fruit which has varieties

Not yet any other fruit has too many varieties .Mango is the only fruit which has about 50 varieties .of which I have tasted 6 .I am a dweller of Pakistan .10 varieties are available in my native country namely Sindhri mango,Chaunsa mango,Langra mango,Anwar Ratole mango,Dusehri mango,Saroli mango,Fajri kalan mango,Neelum mango,Summer Bahisht mango and Alphano mango.


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  • Sindhri Mango :    I liked this variety too much .It is longer than other types and is usually used for milk shake .It is mostly grown in Sindh province of Pakistan so called Sindhri mango

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  • Anwar Ratole Mango:  It is the smallest of all is mostly grown in Punjab province of Pakistan.It earns huge foreign exchange because this type is liked by the people all over the world.Image from google


  • Fajri Kalan Mango : It looks pale but the taste is too yummy.

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  • Chaunsa Mango :  Its skin is thin and the fruit is too juicy.This variety is grown in different countries but it is the speciality of RahimYar Khan district of Punjab .

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  • Saroli Mango:  Its skin is thicker and bears small spots on it.This kind is most juicy and largest among all varieties .

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  • Neelum Mango : It is purple in colour whenit is raw so named "Neelum" which is a purple gem.When it ripens ,it becomes reddish and yellow.

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Flowers of mango tree release a volatile substance which may be allergen to some people


Health benefits of Mango

Lets see which health benefits are hidden in mango...

  1. Energizes our body at the fastest rate: 

This is a fact that it energizes body at very fast rate.I have a proof for it.Last week, the B.P of my mother got too low .I gave her banana, bread and milk but results are the same time my father brought a kilo of mangoes.I gave her 2 mangoes and surprised to see my mother .She became fine within 5 minutes.

2. Lowers cholestrol level:

Mango contains 0.25% of fat but 25% carbohydrates so it provides you energy without making fat.In this way your cholestrol level never goes up.


3.Eye Health:

It has high amount of Vitamin A which plays vital role in maintaining eye health and prevention of eye diseases.


4.Prevents cancer :

If a fruit contains antioxidents  ,it makes you to take away from cancer.This yummy fruit contain much antioxidents and prevent from breast ,colon ,leukamia and prostrate cancers.


5.Skin health and Body Healer :

By eating mangoes ,pimples are automatically removed from your skin and it looks healthy.It contains Vitamin C in large amount causing self repairing of the whole body.


6.Makes your Blood :

Due to presence of copper in mango ,production of red blood cells increases .so makes your blood fast.


7.No digestive problems :

As it has fibers which is the best in making your intestine tract clear and happy! And all undigested matter comes out from your body easily


8.Alkalinization  of body :

If you are feeling that you stomach is acidic, a mango can soothe you due to presence of malic acid in large amount .The malic acid is alkaline in nature


9.Mango shake for heat stroke :

Allah has gifted this precious in summer .Thanks Allah! 

If you peel off 2 mangoes and make milk shake with one glass of milk, it can protect you from heat stroke specially nowadays when there is too much heat due to global warming


Mangoes are grown in frost free environment ..and this fruit can not be dried or refrigerate


 Food Items of mango

Following are the items we made in Pakistan with mango.

1.Mango Chutni :Blend 2-3 cups of mango pulp with 1/2 tea spoon of black pepper and 1 piece of garlic to enjoy a delicious chutney

2.Mango Yogurt: Soothing effect of mango with yogurt makes you refreshing for the whole day.

3.Mango salad : Mix some boiled corns,cherry, chopped onions and mangoes to make a salad.



Nutrition in mango

225 gm of mango contains the following percentages of  nutrition

  • 105 calories
  • Vitamin A                 25%
  • Vitamin B6              11%
  • Vitamin C                 76%
  • Copper                       9%
  • potassium                 7%
  • magnesium               4%          

Top 10 producers of  mango in series

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Thailand
  4. Pakistan
  5. Mexico
  6. Indonesia
  7. Brazil
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Philippines
  10. Nigeria


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