Worried Sick about this..

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I've been worrying so much about this stuff..

I don't find my self a blogger thingy,

I talked too much mostly when I'm comfortable to the person,

Some would always says why you're talking a lot? duuuh~

I thought I can do this that easy, I thought I could use my talking skills here,

I'm thinking of this for every night, before I go to sleep,

encouraging myself like I'm so determined, like I can do it, I can do this

but .. afterall

I'm still worried sick of what will other say what will be their response if ever I'll make a blog?,

maybe they'll think I'm so stupid to do this or what,

I do have a lot of thoughts of what should I blog & what would be the article I'll make.

But I'm just so confused..

what should I do ? :( 

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