Worrying about your finances actually creates money problems!

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A big cause of worry is the ego-mind (that part of us that is distrustful and afraid) trying to figure out “how” everything will work itself out. The ego-mind wants to know every detail about the way that abundance will come to you. The ego-mind wants iron-clad resolutions that everything’s going to be okay.

This occurs because the ego wants complete control. Really, the ego is the foundation of all control issues. The ego is the opposite of faith. Since God is pure faith, and you were created in God’s image and likeness, you are pure faith in spiritual truth. You aren’t the ego, you aren’t worried, and you don’t have control issues in spiritual truth.

Yet, the ego can get very loud and pesky whenever it senses that it’s losing control over you. The ego will try to talk you out of having faith that God will provide for you and your family.

You can get in touch with this dynamic right now by affirming:

“Thank you God, for providing me and my family with your loving support.”

Now, notice how you feel immediately after saying or thinking that sentence. Does your stomach tighten? This indicates fear and worry. Or does your heart feel warm and happy? This indicates faith.

Next, notice thoughts that run through your mind. Do you have doubtful thoughts, or worrisome thoughts? Are you trying to figure out a logical way that God will bring you more abundance? This indicates fear. Or you do feel like singing the praises of God for providing for us all? This indicates faith.

The Logic of the Illogical

Our ego-mind tries to problem-solve using logical scenarios. It wants to predict and control the outcome. So, it has you thinking, “What if this happens?” and “What if that happens?” Obsessive worrisome thoughts preoccupy your time and energy.

It’s helpful to think about something wonderful and unexpected that happened in your life. Think about a time when you were pleasantly surprised. And think about the unforeseeable twists and turns that your life has taken so far. Could you have predicted all of the things that have happened in your life?

The truth is that you’ve always had your needs provided for you throughout your life. You’re still alive, which is evidence that you and your life’s purpose are needed in this world. As long as you’re alive, you will have your needs provided for you . . .provided that you work as a fully functioning team member with heaven.

This means that you will be given Divine guidance to take action steps. You’ve got to be aware of this guidance and also take the guided action in order for your prayers to be answered.

Of course there are times when direct intercession miracles occur (like the hundred dollar bill I found on the floor after I prayed to have enough money to feed my family). But most of the time, you will be co-creating the positive results you seek.

The way that our prayers are answered is beyond logical reasoning until it happens. Then, once you look back upon it, you realize that it was logical. It was also unforeseen. You couldn’t have known the plot twists which would occur as your prayers are answered.

That’s why we say that the “how” is up to God. God is mind. God is infinite intelligence. God is omnipresent. And God is omniscience. And your true self is one with God and God’s mind.

Your true self never worries, because – like God – your true self knows only love, health, abundance, joy, and peace. So your true self can already see the solutions to any seeming problem you present.

When you stay filled with faith, you can easily hear your Divine guidance. You’ll know exactly what steps to

But if you allow your ego-mind to cloud your thinking with worry, you won’t easily hear the Divine guidance which is the answer to your prayers. Divine guidance is repetitive information that comes to you about action for you to take. Divine guidance can be:

• Thoughts and ideas
• Intuitive or gut feelings
• Signs from above

When you receive an idea, thought, feeling, or sign more than three times in short time frame, it’s most likely Divine guidance. Signs include something that you see or hear with your physical senses. Examples could be having the same book recommended to you three times. This is probably a sign to read that book.

Divine guidance will urge you to take positive and healthful action which will ultimately benefit you and your loved ones. Divine guidance also supports your life’s purpose, so it will help your clients and others who benefit from your purpose.

Sometimes people complain that they feel blocked and don’t notice any guidance. This usually means that the person is either distracted by stress, intoxicants, or fear. You can open your channels of receiving and understanding Divine guidance by avoiding intoxicants, and practicing stress-management activities such as prayer, daily physical exercise, eating an organic and unprocessed diet, spending time in nature, and meditation.

Of course, you don’t need to practice a perfectly healthy lifestyle to hear the voice of God and the angels. Anything in the direction of healthy living will help to clear the static off the lines and improve your ability to receive Divine communication.

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