Worst tattoo trends ever

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Hello people, here I am again.

Today I would love to write something about tattoos.

First of all, I have to say that I really love tattoos very much, but I think that people need to be very careful when they are getting tattoos.

First you need to know what you actually want

You need to know what exactly you want to have tattooed on your body. Picture that you are going to have should mean something to you, maybe it is face of someone that you love the most, or maybe the date of some anniversary that is very important to you, some quotation that you really love...

You also should know where you want to have that tattoo, I mean on which part of your body, if that is some bigger tattoo you should choose your back or stomach and if it is some tattoo that is small legs or arms are much better choice.

Be sure that you have chosen the best artist 

When you decided what are you going to have and on which part of your body, you need to find some tattoo artist that is good and that you can trust.

First, be careful that your artist's studio is clean and that your artist is using sterile equipment, if you are not sure about that, better find some other artist.

Second, ask your artist to see some of his or her previous works, just to be sure that your artist can make tattoo that you would love to have, If artist is not talented for painting and drawing your tattoo will look terrible and you will regret for getting it.

In this case the expensive is good!

Good artist will take much more money than those artist that are not good.
Do not play with your health, choose the one that you can trust and pay more, tattoo is not one of those things where you can save money.


And now, let's talk about some tattoos that you should never get!

Now, I would love to share with you some of the worst tattoo trends ever.

  1. Barbed Wire Bands
    In my opinion this one is definitely the worst, this trand begun in the 80s, Pamela Andreson was the first one who get it and later many her fans got the same tattooes on their arms. I mean, what is the point of this tattoo? What does it mean?

  2. Chinese Characters
    When you are doing this be sure what the character that you will tattoo means. We all remember the joke when Chinese language teacher asked her student why he has "Salty fries" tatooed on his arm. 
    So, be careful if you ever decide to get some of Chinese characters tattoo.

  3. Tribals
    Does anyone of those people that have some Tribal tattoo really knows what Tribals mean?
    Those are symblos of some tribes and members of those tribes were getting Tribal tattooes about 1000 years ago. 

  4. Paw prints
    People are getting those tattooes everywhere, on the arms, backs, legs...
    So, I have to ask why?
    I understand if someone want to get a paw of his or her pet, but to get some random paws? 

  5. Mexican Sugar Skulls
    Okay, those really look cool, they really have some meaning for the people that are living in Mexico. But many people that do not know anytihng about Mexican culture got this tattoo during the 90s, and they do not get the point of it.

  6. Arrows
    When I see someone who has this tattoo I feel sick. Really, people why would someone love to has this tattoo, it looks so cheap and it looks like you wanted to have a tattoo and you did not know what to get, so you got this one. 

  7. Facial Tattoos
    Every face tattoo is disgusting to me, no matter is the tattoo some word or those stars that are very popular nowadays or the tear under the eye, it looks disgusting.
    Many people who got some of those tattoos regreted and now they are covering it with some foundations and other makeup products.

  8. Animals
    We can see various animals on tattoos, tigers, lions, snakes, wolves, snakes, spiders, dogs, cats, owls, lizards, elephants, birds, fish...
    And many people get the picture of some animal tattooed without any good reason, they just wanted to have something and some of those animal seemed cool to them. If you ask them what does it mean, they will not tell you anything, because that animal does not mean to them.

  9. Portraits of famous people
    Do you really love Johnny Depp that much to get his face tattooed on your body, or Al Pacino, Adele, Pink, Tom Hardy, Marlon Brando, James Dean...
    It is okay to love some famous people, but you can not love them that much to get them tattooed on your body. Let's be honest, you do not know them and you can not be sure are they good  or bad. If you love some actor, you can know that he is a good actor but you will never know is he a good person.

  10. Super Long Quotes 
    I am not a fan of qoutes tattoos and I think that they are not the best choice. But only worse than quote tattoo is super long quote tattoo.
    I ean why would you get one word when you can get 100 or even 1000? What is the point. One big quoptation all ower your back or your stomach is definitely something what you do not need and what is attractive.



There are much more tattoo trends that are not good at all and that I do not like, but those ten on the list are definitely worst, in my opinion.

So here was my list of the worst tattoo trends ever.
If you have some other tattoo trend that you think is not good at all and that should 'get gone', please write that in the comments below this text, and please tell me which one is worst in your opinion.

I have to say that I did not want to insult anyone, and if anyone of you that are reading this text has some of those tattoos, that is totally okay and I am fine with that. I just do not like them, but if you like them that is okay. 


And, yes, if you have any tattoo that is not on this list, please share it with us here, tell us what you have tattooed and where, I am sure that it will be interesting to everyone.

Let me know if you like this text and of course please tell me if you want to see the list of best tattoos ever,a nd if you have something to recommend, please tell me that in the commnets below.

Of course, if you do not like tattoos that is also okay, and please do not insult those that have tattoos and love them. If someone has some tattoo that does not mean he or she is not a good person. I know many people that are great persons and they have tattoos. 

It is not important what someone is wearing, how someone is talking and does someone has something drown on the skin.

What really matters is what we are inside. 



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