Back during the summer on one of those really hot and humid days I decided to wear to my sport kilt. That is a modern kilt which is made by hand in California. Instead of it being one of the tartan kilts it is camouflage. I do have a Scottish heritage on my mother's side though.

Anyway I had to drive my mom to the doctor's office because she hates driving in TN with the crazies. Personally I see no difference between here and there when it comes to driving.

When we got to the waiting room I smoothed out the back of my kilt so I it would not bunch up when I sit down and not to mess up the pleating either. I done like most women do and kept my legs together or crossed while sitting. You know that little kilt and skirt etiquette deal.

Now I was looking at FB on my phone because there was nothing but stupid health ads on their TV. When I would look up I would see the receptionist look away or look down. I just kinda brushed off as she was seeing how many people were in the room. Now she kept doing this the whole time I was there.

When we got called back to the doctor's room my mom said that girl in the office was trying to see up your kilt. I said that explains why she kept looking over towards me then.

How rude of the receptionist to try and look up my kilt. She could not see anything anyway they way I had it fixed and was sitting. Or was she just jealous?

Now to end this if you want to know what is under my kilt and just ask me. Good grief people it's not like I am going bite your head off. Some people just act like they have never seen a guy in a kilt before.

photo by pixabay