Would you like to live 100 years?

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someone went to the doctor and asked him to check and see that will he live like his father hundred years or not. Doctor asked him after checking, “how old are you”? “50 yeas old” he said. Doctor asked him “do you have interest in traveling or exercising”? “no never” he said”. Doctor asked him “do you like studying”? “No I do not like it” he said. Doctor asked him, “do you have any specific program for your future?” “no” he said. Doctor asked “what is your plan for living 100 yeas?”, “there are no any certain things in my mind”  the man said. The doctor became angry and told to the man “ get out and die today, you do not need to live for 100 years.” 

This is the life story of most of us, because as much that we are concerned about the quantity, we do not think about quality of life. Long life is more important for us than how to live?. We all want to have long life, but if somebody asking us, what is your plan in future? Or what do you want to do with days of your life?. We do not have a proper answer for that because we do not have a clear vision of our future and do not have a specific aim in future. Most of people are not following the quality of life for themselves neither for others. Only we want one thing from life , to be alive and live for 100 yeas, but does not matter in what quality and in what form.

 When a person is born, he/she has thousands of dreams, but when he/she want to die he/she has only one dream which is to have one more chance to live again. Life is not short, this is we that are not care about quality of life. Life is  really simple if we know the value of it and appreciate for the moments we live, then you will believe really life worth living and we have to love life because life love us for ever.

Written by: Haroon Mehrzad 

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Haroon was born in 1987 in Nimroz province Afghanistan, graduated from Farokhi high school in 2005. He has joined for three years Faculty of science in heart University in 2006 after three years he has received scholarship for studying abroad in Cairo university Egypt. Right now he is in third…

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