Wow, It Could Be Wearable Devices Multifunction!

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California - A device that is being developed, claimed to be able to change into different types of wearable devices. Like what?

Based on the search INILAHCOM on Kickstarter site, now being developed a device that is able to transform into different types of wearable gadgets.

The device is named TinyScreen be able to be used as a smartwatch, console games, regular displays, and others.

The screen of this size TinyScreen 0.96 inches, has a 16-bit color screen resolution OLED 96 x 64, as well as the level of information that can be arranged.

TinyScreen also use TinyDuino platform, which allows users to modify their own hardware and software of this device.

In addition, for its hardware, this device can also be printed in 3D (three-dimensional). 3D printers are also part of this TinyScreen product.

Some of the features in this TinyScreen device include accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, microSD card, USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, WiFi, 433MHz, 802.15.4, Ethernet; and Breakout Boards.

The display of TinyScreen sold for 25 dollars. While the watches are sold at a price of 90 dollars.

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