WP 9 preview will appear in early 2015 merged with Windows 9

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Latest news from Microsoft is that it will formally introduce Windows 9 coming on 30/9. This is the best operating system of Windows RT 3 OS, Windows and Windows Phone, as one unit. At the same time, Windows 9 will be compatible with all Microsoft products owns many different resolutions. According to the news hallway, Windows Phone 9 (WP 9) will also appear soon after, namely January 1/2015, together with the preview. WP 9 is expected to be compatible with phones running Windows Phone 8 in the present. If this is true, the upcoming Windows Phone 8 will break up and as fate rather short elder Windows Phone 7.8!

Recently, a video was leaked Windows 9 adds many features, especially the notification center (notification center) is the same as on mobile devices. Also, a month ago, Microsoft also announced Cortana integrated into the next version of Windows. Maybe Microsoft is very committed to consolidating its operating system as a user and just pay attention to the single name "Windows 9". It is unknown times "unitary three dragon" will happen, but this is definitely a game of Microsoft ambition in the process of building a powerful empire of its Windows onto any mobile device and expand border of it from the PC.

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