WRESTLING MADNESS #1 (plus another contest)

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Hey guys, glad you stopped by! Get ready to see some incredible wrestling action via footage I recorded on my computer of my cartoon characters in WWE 2K16! Of course, it's not just my characters but also characters belonging to the friends/animators I met at GoAnimate.com. 

So first up you'll see my character Harris from Emina battle Suzuki from my friend Kay Zaman's cartoon series called Kage. 

Here's Kay Zaman's YouTube channel if you'd like to see more of his work.


He also has a page right here at BitLanders and I implore you to visit it!


Next up we have two characters who belong to Shishiden Studio/Wonder Project. She was kind enough to give me permission to recreate her characters in the game and have them battle each other! I hope you enjoy this Women's Wrestling match between the characters of S.S. Bam and Mistress Katana! 


Here is Wonder Project's YouTube channel so you can see more of her work.


I also have a bit of news for you guys! Gaming Tribe is hosting another contest where the grand prize giveaway is 1 of 4 Gaming PCs! Please use my personal entry link to register for the giveaway. Click either the link or the image below and you'll be taken to the registration page! 



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