Write a 200-word essay in the US and become the owner of the hotel

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The fate of the earth, sometimes reaching heights of heaven is so low, but it also contributes to his mental capabilities, then pick you up at the beautiful and heart are capable of writing the United States million dollar hotel is waiting for you to get you to write an article and join in the competition will have to spend only $125.

In the New England region of the United States, the bed and breakfast, a hotel owner, 68-year-old relative of a person to their hotel the best writers who want to write down your thoughts and hearts of people Locker to know the art of SAGE has announced an essay contest that challenged people to write 200-word essay and become part compared to only $125 deposit. Sage is the subject of the article, 'Why do I want to buy it and how narrowly hotel' regardless of the passions, and the owner of the hotel was to win this competition and now I want my boss to come after a similar gain this hotel in the future to maintain this tradition.

"The bed and breakfast, hotel luuyl town of Portland in 1805 and was built in several countries have changed since then. Sage says it is expected that there will be more than 7500 entries and an entry price of $ 125 million 37 thousand dollars, which he is expected 9 that the hotel is actually less than the cost of a few dollars. The 20 finalists in the competition, participants will choose a committee of its lucky winners will be announced 21-May.

The entry could not think then put $ 10 million hotel are waiting for you!


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