Writer's Block

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This is the condition that most of the writers experiencing. Are you one of them?


Writer's block is a condition of being unable to think of what to write or how  to proceed with writing.

The experience was too terrifying. It something that you don't know where you belong. You tend to lower self-confidence, have fear in something and too disappointment. Even if you don't want to be mental block or that called writer's block but you cannot control it, it just happened.

You kept on trying to write on something,you spend too much hours staring at your computer, laptop, typewriter or you own notes and journal but you will end up lying in your bed and sleep. You've been too unproductive all day and worst it will last long.

How to cope in experiencing writer's block?

There are some ways to cope with being in a situation that you really don't want to happened - WRITER'S BLOCK. The following are some helpful tips but hope you'll suggest more.

1. Take a break. Don't force and pressure yourself.  This is the most common fault of all the writers because they already know they are experiencing this kind of scenario but still they will force their selves to think and make an output even they can't even or even a 1 sentence is difficult to create.

2. Bond with the family and friends. Most of your time spend in writing especially when you are working in that kind of industry. Even your in your home or office, you are bring that because you are always aiming to finished that as soon as possible so you tend not to give attention and time to your family and friends. So, try to relax and bond with them. It may help lessen what you are experiencing. Laugh with them, bring out what you really want too even its takes too much drama. Remember, they are your family, your friends, whatever comes to your mouth - they or they will not take that seriously, they are always be in your side to listen and to give you comfort so don't be afraid. Enjoy every moment you have with them.

3. Take time to travel. One of the best stress reliever. It may help. It helps you circulates your blood throughout your body which will help you to think more productive and be able to relax your brains. Another thing, if your travel you see other surroundings, other environment which may inspire you again to write, inspire you to be more less stress and take less pressure everything. You just need to take space for work to realize that every writings have a specific timezone so you don't need to be in a hurry always, not to impress everyone because you are the one will be too affected that way.

4. Smile. The best medicine as always. Be happy. Be blessed. Be grateful. 


That are some of the ways I can suggests to you. For me, it is very helpful. Why don't you try?


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