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"Constant Cravings" is episode six of season one of Wynonna Earp, the fantasy western series based on the graphic novel series of the same name about Wyatt Earp's descendant. In this episode, Doc and Dolls come to an agreement and Wynonna heads to see the Blacksmith.

Previously on Wynonna Earp...

In the previous episode, "Diggin' Up Bones", it turned out that Bobo was recovering a couple of skeletons for the Stone Witch - who also serves as his lawyer. Doc is after the Stone Witch, albeit not by that name, for they have history together, and he would seem to want her dead. Wynonna, with the help of a couple of revenants, had also recovered a photograph of the seven revenants who came after her family. From the police station as it happened.

Dolls and Wynonna are Sparring

This episode opens with Wynonna trying to use the Force to get her gun. It doesn't work. She and Dolls are actually sparring, and he's pretty much cleaning the floor with her. Finally, Wynonna manages to knock Dolls down, which makes her ecstatic. Dolls says that Wynonna has limbered up as he advised; Wynonna claims she did yoga but Dolls says that fosters serenity, and Wynonna has none of that. Her 'limbering up' was probably getting intimate with Doc. After their sparring match, Wynonna is heading for dinner with Waverly, to see if she can identify the final two revenants left of the seven who went after their family. She invites Dolls along, but he replies that he has to clean up. However, Dolls has a tremor in his hand, which looks like there's another reason behind his declining.

Things Torn Apart

Elsewhere, a man is travelling a snowy road when he hears something. Said something comes out of the woods at great speed, dragging him into the bushes on the other side, and tossing a bit back out after what sounded like someone being torn apart.


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Doc and Bobo's Aims Are No Longer Aligned

Doc himself is talking to Bobo, who appears to be out working with a crew. Doc tells Bobo that their aims are no longer in alignment, and that he is teaming up with others who can get him what he wants. Which would appear to be revenge. After Doc leaves, Bobo uses whatever telekinetic power he has - that snatched Wynonna's gun away from her - to use an electric drill to 'motivate' his workers.


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Off to See the Blacksmith

Waverly tells Wynonna that the tattoo one of the two remaining revenants in the picture has on his neck is actually a cattle brand. And that the person to go and see about that is the Blacksmith. So Wynonna heads there with Dolls - and steps on a landmine. Fortunately, not an active one. The Blacksmith - real name Mattie - tells the pair that the mark on the man's neck actually symbolises a cattle rustler. The Blacksmith can sense there's something wrong with Dolls inside.


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A Motorbike and a Mystery

Champ has brought a bunch of stuff belonging to the Earp girls' Uncle Curtis. This includes a motorbike which Wynonna goes into raptures about, and a mystery for Waverly to solve. Which leads her to the Blacksmith as well.


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Doc and Dolls Make a Deal

Doc wants to speak with Dolls, as he wants the Stone Witch and Dolls wants something he can use against Bobo. So they make a deal. Dolls himself is running out of a substance, one which, by the sounds of it, his bosses aren't willing to give him at the moment. Given the shakes, sweating and general poor condition Dolls is in without this substance, he appears to be going through withdrawal symptoms from a drug. Given the nature of the series, it can't just be a regular drug, but something odder. And it is, although what isn't revealed.

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