X-Men Sequel stays with Matthew Vaughn

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Deadline story about Fox's President of Production Emma Watts renewing her own contract through 2015, there's a matter-of-fact mention that the company has closed the deal for Vaughn to return to direct the unnamed sequel, working from a script being written by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand, Jumper, Sherlock Holmes) and with Bryan Singer once again producing. It's a given that all the original cast from the first movie signed a multiple picture deal in their contract so it is expected that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will be returning as Professor X and Magneto, respectively. It may be some time before we learn whether any of the rest of the cast, such as Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique or January Jones' Emma Frost, will be included in a follow-up to the prequel or if any new X-Men characters will be introduced. Read more movie news and watch trailers at Maumau Web TV's blog posts or watch The Best Free movies on its 11 great channels.

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