X-Ray Shows,Bottle Stuck Inside The Old Man Rectal Area

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n old man rushed himself to a hospital after he could no longer remove the bottle that stuck inside his anus. Having fear that it may lead to serious trouble, the 60 year old man decided to have an emergency check up to remove it. The Xray technician was shocked after having the result, the bottle was big as what they are expected. To remove the bottle, they need to perform operation and the old man spent big amount of money for it. This incident happened at China, the name of the man was not mentioned for security purpose.

This image was posted by one of the hospital staff, but for the purpose of sharing it only to his friend. But it went viral and share thousand times at social media. According to report, the man told the doctor that he had constipation for how many days and the only remedy that he thought is to use a glass bottle hoping that it will help him with his problem.

Accidentally the bottle lodged too deeply that he could no longer pulled it out or removed. Even he able to hold it, the suction pressure prevent him to pull it out.
Because of fear and afraid that this might resulted to sever complication he decided to visit the nearest hospital to ask help from the doctor to remove it. Despite of embarrassment, he survives and released from the hospital.

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