Xbox One made good business in June!

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Microsoft finally realized that we are not all millionaires and decided not to force customers to buy the Xbox One with kinect, which of course dropped the price and now after a month, normal mortals started to buy the console, and the sales surpassed more than the double in June, compared to May. That´s good for them, if they start to understand what gamers actually want, but the company is still far from the sales achieved by Sony´s Playstation 4. Microsoft seems to made an excellent business call, but they have not given actual numbers of how many consoles they sold on May and June, so we don´t know if they sold just 500 units in two months, LOL.

Well if you are a fan of HALO, Xbox One is a must have and fortunately you can buy it without the extra expense or being worried about being spied.

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