Xcorps TV Adds Over 1000 PRESS Photos to FILM ANNEX

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Xcorps TV Adds Over 1000 PRESS Photos to FILM ANNEX

Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV has recently added over 1000 photo’s representing all 55 current episodes of the broadcast TV series to the FA platform.

Film Annex is the online film and blogging platform of choice for Xcorps.

The FA revenue sharing concept with filmmakers, bloggers, and viewers is one of the few fair and real online publishing options and Xcorps TV has now chosen FA now to feature 1200+ promotional press photos taken from the actual video footage from each Xcorps episode 1-55.  Xcorps is very happy to feature these great action and music photographs as part of 55 NEW PHOTO ALBUMS created to contain these press shots.

Film Annex must be complimented on the creation of its great PHOTO GALLERY platform which is well designed with easy responsive functions and ease of uploads and deleting of files with minimal steps. Creating 55 individual new photo galleries and uploading over 1200 photo files to these galleries - though taking almost a week - was entertaining and went on with the least of frustrations! In other words it was FUN making these photo albums and publishing them to the world on Film AnneX!

Xcorps is happy to find a place for these PRESS photos and promo POSTERS representing over 10 years of shooting our action sports TV series! We hope our viewers will enjoy them as well and blog them on along with FA video links!

The Xcorps is a half hour journalistic action sports TV news and music mediazine created by Stuart Edmondson in August of 2001. The broadcast network format TV show currently airs 55 half hour format episodes worldwide on broadcast, cable and satellite TV as well as on multiple online video platforms. Film Annex is THE PLATFORM of choice for Xcorps to promote with direct portal links from the Xcorps website directly to FA. Production is on going so STAY TUNED to Film Annex for our newest releases!

Xcorps is a 5 segment broadcast TV show focusing on non traditional action sports and music along with motor sports and is edited with music videos and is hosted by a fun reporter team who ARE The X Corps!

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

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 XC#1.INVERT – BMX bike action and Tony Hawk skating

XC#2.BASE – BASE jumping Kjerag Norway with Ray Murphy

XC#3.SNOWBIKE – Snow Biking Big Bear California with Eric Ducharme

XC#4.AIRBORNE – Xcorps hosts Roslyn and Jason First Skydive Perris CA

XC#5.PAINTBALL – Paintball marker action with team Xcorps

XC#6.MX – MX action with Mike Metzger and the MX Girls

XC#7.SPEEDSKI – Long Beach to Catalina Speed Waterski Races

XC#8.SURF – Early days of PIPELINE with Gerry Lopez

XC#9.SUPERBIKE – Superbikes at the California Speedway and BASE Jumping

XC#10.HAWAII – Blue Marlin fishing in Hawaii with Bob Woodard

XC#11.MTN.HIGH – Winter Action at Mountain High resort Ca

XC#12.LUGE – Barrett Junction Shootout Street Luge Racing

XC#13.WHEELMAN – Rim Drive Foot Motorcycle

XC#14.BASE 2 – BASE Jumping Mexico Cave of Swallows

XC#15.RAT – Wild XMAN Rat Sult Street Luges For Xcorps

XC#16.The MUSIC – Jason and Roslyn host a Music Special

XC#17.MOTOWN – Jason Lazo in Detroit Bob Woodard Rides Powerski

XC#18.MTN.BOARD – Off Road Skate Action Mountain Board

XC#19.DUNES – High Powered Sand Rods at The Glamis Dunes

XC#20.XPO – Extreme Action Sports Circus Del Mar California

XC#21.ASR – Action Sports Retail Convention San Diego

XC#22.WAKEBOARD – Pro Wakeboard Action at Lake Elsinore Ca

XC#23.XBIKE – Snow Bike Action with Rat Sult at Mount Baldy Ca

XC#24.RCX – Remote Control Racing with Rat Sult in Temecula Ca

XC#25.MOTOSK8 – Motorized Inline Skating in California

XC#26.WAKE 2 – Pro Wakeboarding with Wakeworld

XC#27.CABO – Marlin Fishing and Dune Buggies in Cabo Mexico

XC#28.WINTER X – Snowsports Tom Whitaker Climbs Everest

XC#29.MIG21 – Xcorps Host Jason Lazo Flies a Russian Mig-21

XC#30.BMX – Riding BMX with Rick Thorne at Fade To Black

XC#31.THUNDERBOATS – Hydo Boat Racing in San Diego

XC#32.DUNES 2 – Sand Vehicles at Glamis Dunes Ca

XC#33.WAKE 3 – Pro Wake Boarding Lake Elsinore Ca

XC#34.TOTAL COMBAT – MMA Fighting in San Diego

XC#35.VIPER – Rat Sult Sand Vehicles Glamis Dunes Ca

XC#36.SKATE –  Steve Caballero Skate Event in San Diego

XC#37.XCORR-1 – Offroad Outdoor Track Truck Racing

XC#38.XCORR-2 - Offroad Outdoor Track Truck Racing

XC#39.SPEED – Bonneville Salt Flats SPEEDWEEK

XC#40.HELLS CANYON – Jet Boat Fishing Snake River Idaho

XC#41.HAWAIIMANA – Surfing Hawaii with Hawaiimana

XC#42.) MX GIRLS – Michelle Johnson and the MX Girls

XC#43.) MUSCLE CAR – Hot Rods and The Unit

XC#44.) PADDLEBOARD – Surfing With Garrett McNamarra

XC#45.) SKATEPIPE –  Steve Alba Skating The Pipe Upland Ca

XC#46.) SNOWBIKE-2 – Snow Biking Big Bear and Mountain High

XC#47.) BIG AIR – X Riders FMX Action in Del Mar Ca

XC#48.) ROAD TOUR-1 – Xcorps Cross Country Tour

XC#49.) ROAD TOUR-2 - Xcorps Cross Country Tour

XC#50.) X DRAGS – Drag Racing at Barona Race Track Ca

XC#51.) SKATE X – Coastal Carnage Skate Action Ca

XC#52.) MARKER X – Paintball Wars Camp Pendleton Ca

XC#53.) WHITEBIRD – Jetboating and Camping Hells Canyon Idaho.

XC#54.) AEROBATS – Aerobatic Stunt Plane Competition

XC#55.) NITRO CIRCUS – Extreme Circus starring Travis Pastarana


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