Yahoo Weather now includes customizable notifications for your favorite locations

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Yahoo’s excellent Weather app for the iPhone and iPad is among the best weather apps on our 2013 list. Today, the app has received a new feature allowing you to take advantage of notifications based on your favorite locations.

You can customize the new Daily Notifications and elect to receive them for specific locations and Yahoo will deliver your weather updates in the form of notifications twice per day – once in the morning to prepare for the coming day and once in the evening with the next day’s weather…

You can dive into the app’s settings to choose the times of day when your morning and evening notifications get delivered, as well as enable notifications for specific locations.

Push Notifications must be enabled for Yahoo Weather for Daily Notifications to be activated.

Release notes for Yahoo Weather 1.5.6:

Twice daily customizable notifications for your favorite locations: Once in the morning to prepare for the coming day, and once in the evening with the next day’s weather.

I’m liking this update.

There are many great weather apps in the App Store, but Yahoo is among the prettiest – if not most gorgeous – apps available to track your weather forecast.

The ability to get customizable weather notifications delivered twice per day to my device as native notifications will surely allow me to better plan for the day ahead.

Although Yahoo already uses Weather Channel for data, Apple’s iOS 8 is retrieving weather data directly from the Weather Channel (here’s why), with the stock iOS 8 Weather app now providing 10-day forecast as a bonus.

Snapshots of weather are also available via Yahoo’s recently updated Mail for iPad and inside its main iOS app, along with snapshots of stocks, sports, popular photos, videos and more.

Download Yahoo Weather free in the App Store.



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