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I'm pretty sure that majority of human beings knows and was able to taste the drink called "Yakult" at least once in their lifetime. For those who haven't, oh well, I'm too lazy to explain what that drink is, Google it. Now to the topic, does it ever cross your mind why it is always packed on small containers? Isn't it convenient to have a large bottle of Yakult for those who wants to drink and ingest billions (instead of millions) of live lactobacillus badly?

I'm one of those individuals who consumes 5 small bottles of Yakult in one go. No, I don't need nor care about its benefits, I just like its taste. Though after that consumption, I asked myself, "Why don't they just pack it on a single large bottle? It's time consuming and annoying to open it one at a time." My curiousity ate me, and I goog- researched it.

I found the main reason why, it's because, they don't want it to get contaminated. Remember, it is a "live" lactobacillus, meaning, other microorganisms can easily contaminate and spoil the drink in a short period of time. A simple capping and decapping after half consumption by a consumer will be the main reason for the portal of entry of other microorganism (through saliva).

So now you know. Having small bottle means, single consumption in one go.

PS: I just learned this yesterday. Haha!


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