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As you know, I really like to plan each take that we want to make for our works, with Victor Silva, our director of photography we choose previously each lens and distance from the action; and with Carolina Fuentealba our art director, we prepare all the important elements in each one of the shoots that we want to film.

In this occasion I would like to share with you the first drafts and the final result of some of the takes from our short film "Yellow Apples". We started with a kind of really hypothetical ideas of what should be our takes, without knowing the final locations. Then we proceed to develop everything when almost everything is set in the pre-production, we plan everything again and review each take, one by one, trying to think carefully about the meaning and necessity of each image.

Here you can see some of the first storyboard drafts and in the last image, there are the last draft in order to proceed with the film:




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