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Yellow has many effects on the mind and body of a person. It can do everything from bringing cheerfulness to those who desperately could use a little cheer and help to lower blood pressure.

What are the physical effects of color yellow? Yellow can stimulate the body's functions, just like any other warm color. It may increase heart rate, it can also increase blood pressure and metabolism, it may stimulate the pancreas which affects the glandular system and it may also help to prevent damage to the pancreas.

Is color yellow can affect our minds? Of course, it can help us to improve our memory because it may help you to focus more on whatever it is that you may need to remember. It is also the most cheerful of all the colors. Yellow is the one of the better color choices for communicating new ideas.

When should you wear yellow? You can wear yellow to help you to feel more cheerful and aid in communication skills. You should not wear yellow when you are in a situation where you need to be taken seriously because it can make you seem less serious or too cheerful. Adding a little yellow, for example a scarf or handkerchief, to an all-black outfit can help you to come off as friendlier, and less intimidating.

How can you add yellow into your life? You can eat foods that are naturally yellow. Some example fruits might be bananas and lemons. In the vegetable food group, bell peppers and squash may be some good choices. Corn may be a good grain choice. Other options could include placing yellow flowers like sunflowers and daffodils in your house, wearing yellow, or looking at things that are yellow like pictures or a yellow light.

Remember: Don't use yellow if you have high blood pressure or heart problems because it can make these problems worse. Also, it can stimulate your appetite, so if you have a problem with over eating, yellow is not the color for you. In some cases, yellow can aggravate some mental illnesses so be careful. If you have a history of mania, yellow is an especially bad idea.

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